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MOnkey Monkey in the News

"Monkey Monkey’s positive, warm environment is no doubt the result of [Tori's] openness to growth, self-improvement, and the changes we all face in life."

"All of the pastries at Monkey Monkey are worth a try, so pick up a snack with your cake."

"The spacious coffee shop is breezy and sunny, with tables and couches meant for lounging."

Customer Reviews

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Plant & Irrigation System

Great atmosphere and welcoming staff. The big doors were open giving the dining room a patio feel. I had a make your own sandwich and a latte'. The coffee was schmokin' full of flavor and smooth. Loved it! My sandwich came on a sexy everything bagel and it was delicious! It was fresh, crunchy where it needed to be, and saporous throughout! Oh, I'll be back.

Plant & Irrigation System

Excellent coffee and food options at fair prices, great baristas with quality taste in music, and a great local place to support. Can't go wrong. I love the Prosciutto heaven, Lil piggy, and B.E.A.L-T. We ordered on the Toast app and everything was ready on time.

Plant & Irrigation System

The new menu is fire! Love the make your own parfait. The prices are reasonable & staff is friendly. Love supporting a local business when so many places are struggling with inventory & staffing issues. You know we ALL went through the pandemic! Be kind and patient when things aren't perfect. Service industry has been hit particularly hard with reopening. They need some love, too. Peace, love, and monkeys 🐒 ❤

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