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Strawberry Kiwi Summer Spritz

One of my favorite things about being a barista is the ability to craft a beverage just for someone to enjoy. It's a special thing about food service, being able to bring happiness to someone by quenching a craving with a simple drink, made to order specifically for the satisfaction.

This recipe is inspired by a customer. They wanted a strawberry soda so I had to work with what ingredients we had in the shop to quench their thirst. It is a delightful drink that you may soon find me featuring on our menu.


24 Oz Strawberry Kiwi Ice Tea from Monkey Monkey Coffee and Tea

36 Oz Club Soda, Soda Water, Seltzer Water

Simple Syrup to taste > 1:1 Ratio Sugar (or Sugar substitute) and Water

Alcohols that pair well with this Spritz:

  • 4 Oz Per Serving Suggested: Champagne, Sparkling Rose

  • 2 Oz Per Serving Suggested: Vodka, Tequila, Gin


Combine all ingredients and pour over ice.

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