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Join our Rewards Program today!


Earn 10% on your Monkey Purchases with our Rewards Program:

  • 25 Point Sign Up Bonus.

  • Every dollar you spend earns you one point.

  • Any amount can be redeemed at any time, with a 50 point minimum.

  • Optional Birthday point bonus if you choose to add your birth month to our system.

  • Tuesdays are double points days! You get 2 points for ever dollar spent at our store. 

  • Link a physical card for easy swiping or look up your rewards account on site.

Gift Cards! 


  • Purchase a gift card instore or online by clicking the link above:

  • Pick up a physical card instore OR Look up your gift card instore with email or phone number.

  • Option to add gift card balance to any existing rewards account. 

  • Check the balance of your gift card at any time through the link above. 

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